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Born in 1974/Osaka

KOSUMI has been teaching himself to paint and got the first solo show in 1999. He has activity variously for instanse, CD jacket work for EGO-WRAPPIN, Dir en grey, display art work for yoji yamamoto in Taiwan, collaboration with Y's RED LABEL. Furthermore his own apparel brand called yes!yes!非非 to design.

KOSUMI often picks up primary colors in his portrait of female to draw with quick stroke, however that female flies over beyond its sex and that primitive power overwhelms us.


Untitled / 540×320mm / Acrylic, crayon, pen, on board / 2015


Untitled / 420×300mm / Acrylic, pencil, crayon, ballpoint pen on paper / 2017


Untitled / 297×210mm / Crayon, pencil on paper / 2016  

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